At PleasureZoom, we’re committed to providing our customers with fast, reliable, and secure shipping services. We understand how important it is for you to receive your love dolls promptly and in perfect and discreet condition. That’s why we’ve partnered with the most reliable carriers and meticulously pack every item to ensure a smooth delivery experience. On this Shipping Information page, you’ll find all the details about our shipping methods, estimated delivery times, and other important information to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible. If you have any questions, our dedicated customer support team is always here to help.


The Shopping Process

  • We provide FREE worldwide shipping for all sex dolls. However, there are certain countries with strict laws prohibiting sex dolls and we are unable to ship to those locations. Click here to find out in which countries sex dolls are legal & illegal.
  • There are no hidden or additional fees for customers in the USA, UK, and EU. The price you see includes all taxes and customs clearance charges, and we handle these fees whenever possible. For these countries, we always pre-pay customs taxes and shipping charges for you, so there are no extra costs.

**For CAN, NOR, AUS, SE, SA, and some other countries, we are unable to pay import charges upfront. However, we are willing to share up to 50% of the duty fees (maximum $150 USD) with you, and we will handle the liaison with import customs to make the process as stress-free as possible. The additional fee is usually around $150 in total, and we can provide you with an estimate of the cost before your purchase in most cases.

Discreet Shipping

  • We value your privacy. All of our sex dolls are shipped in packaging that is completely covert.
  • Sex dolls are delivered in a plain, unbranded brown box. The contents of the package are unknown to the handler or courier.
  • The outer box will not have any labels indicating the doll.

Shopping Time

  • In-Stock Dolls
    All in-stock items will ship among 1-3 business days after payment is received.
  • Custom-made Dolls
    Delivery time depends on the manufacturer; however, any item that does not have “In Stock” in the product name will be custom ordered. Here we list the shipping times of different shipping carriers.

It’s an estimated delivery time. Exceptions may extend this time frame (like a Chinese holiday, snowstorm, rainstorm, or COVID-19, etc.)

Shipping CarrierCountryShipping Time
FedexUSA8-12 Days
UPSUSA/Canada6-8 Days
UPSAustralia7-10 Days
UPSEuropean Countries8-20 Days
EUB Post ServiceGlobal20-30 Days

Tracking Package

We will send you a tracking number by email if the package is shipped. Please keep an eye on your package tracking in case it gets in trouble (eg, suspending tracking, missing item, etc.)  till it is delivered.


Typically, your package will be shipped directly to your location by FedEx/UPS, so you can expect quick logistics updates on your tracking number and monitor your package delivery progress anytime.


However, in some cases, we may choose to transport your package by airplane to your country and clean the custom, after which FedEx or UPS will be responsible for final delivery and updating the logistics information. Before the package arrives in the US, the tracking number will only show that the shipping label has been created and there will be no logistics information available. We understand that you may have some concerns regarding the status of your shipment. We kindly ask for your patience during this time and assure you that we will take full responsibility for all of our orders.

Delivery Change

  • Pick Up
    If you plan to pick up your package at a FedEx/UPS store, please inform us of the address before the shipment is sent out. You must call the store to confirm if they allow pickups in case the package is delivered to an invalid or refused address by FedEx/UPS.
  • Change Shipping Address
    Please confirm the address is correct before shipment. If you need to change the shipping address after the package has been sent out, please contact us first.
  • Change Delivery Time/Hold On
    To modify the delivery time, if you are unable to receive the package at the estimated time shown by the courier, you can directly contact the courier to change it to a more suitable date. When your order is processed and shipped, you will receive detailed information from the courier.

Please ensure that our email ( is not folded or blocked, and keep your phone number open so that you can receive our urgent messages at any time.

Check Your Package

You must inspect every item to check if there is any damage upon arrival of the package. If the package box has been corrupted when you see it, take a photo or video to file a claim with the shipping carrier. It is recommended that you open each unit and examine it, even if the cartons look fine from the outside. If you find any damage, take some pictures or videos. Sometimes we also need your help to file a claim with the shipping carrier if the doll is damaged while shipping.

Shipping Delay

In the process of shipping our packages to our valued customers, international transportation can be affected by various factors:

  • Weather and natural disasters: Severe weather conditions, such as storms, floods, or earthquakes, can cause delays or disruptions in the delivery process.
  • Customs inspections (in Europe): Your package may be subject to customs inspections, which could result in additional delays or even additional fees, depending on the regulations in your country.
  • Local holidays: Delivery schedules may be affected by local holidays, during which shipping carriers might not operate or have reduced hours, causing delays in package transit times.
  • Political situations and regulatory changes: Changes in the political climate, government regulations, or trade policies can impact shipping routes, transit times, or even the availability of certain products in some regions.
  • Unforeseen circumstances: Unexpected events such as accidents, strikes, or operational issues within shipping carriers can also cause delays in the delivery process.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate these challenges to deliver your love doll safely and efficiently. Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service and support throughout the shipping process.

Package Issues

If you encounter any of the following situations upon receiving your package, please report it to us promptly.

  • Incorrect Package: When you receive the doll and you find it looks absolutely different from the factory pictures or website, just show us an unboxing video (with the whole body, head, shipping label, and outside package box ). We will report and check with our factory and shipping carrier, and arrange a new replacement for you.
  • Damaged Dolls: You should file a claim with the shipping carrier on receipt of your package if it is severely damaged. A new replacement will be arranged depending on how severe the damage it is. For slight damage, a repair kit will be offered.
  • Missing Package: If the tracking number shows your package is delivered but you didn’t receive anything, call UPS/FedEx and file a claim ASAP. Just in case, we add an adult signature service for most packages (exceptions may apply.)

Click here for more information about order cancellation, refund, or return.