161cm(5ft3) D-cup Sex Doll Jamie In Stock

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——Doll Measurements——

Material : TPE with metal skeleton
Usable parts : Vagina,Anus,MouthBreast : 92CM
Vagina/Anus/Mouth depth : 18cm/17cm/13cmWaist : 52CM
Height : 161cmHips : 96CM
Weight : 40KGG.W. : 48KG

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<<<<<Sex Dolls Introduction>>>>>

    • Material: Sex dolls made of high quality body-safe (Silicone/TPE), don’t worry it will tear when you stretch legs, safe for touching and it keep longer.
    • Feature:Full size sex doll with big breastssexy waist, so hot she is, you cannot help to take here back home!
    • Built in steel skeleton:It maintains the Lifelike full body adult toy at an stable posture and withstand your passionate pounding.
    • Adjustable legs, waist for multiple positions:The sex doll is adjustable like a real adult, you can explore different sex poses with her for different pleasure.
    • 3D realistic channels with texture: Both channels are seperated, and with closed end, they will have better sucking power and more exciting almost like a real tight women. And, perfect tightness and length is easy to get orgas’m soon.
    • Easy to handled and hide: This life size porntoy Silicone/TPE is lightweighteasy to handledand portable for traveland easy to store and hide as well.
    • Easy to dress up:Cute lifelike erotic toy is easy to dress up, we suggest to choose S size of clothes.
    • Discreet package: Packed in a blank well sealed box without any sensitive text or image, nobody know what’s inside, no worry your pravicy leak!
    • Quality Assurance: Our dolls are made of high-quality Silicone/TPE material that is harmless to the human body, which is safe, healthy and of superior quality. We cooperates with major well-known doll manufacturers, all our sex dolls are 100% authentic.
    • 161cm(5ft3) D-cup Hybrid Love Doll Jamie In Stock 161cm(5ft3) D-cup Hybrid Love Doll Jamie In Stock 161cm(5ft3) D-cup Hybrid Love Doll Jamie In Stock 161cm(5ft3) D-cup Hybrid Love Doll Jamie In Stock 161cm(5ft3) D-cup Hybrid Love Doll Jamie In Stock 161cm(5ft3) D-cup Hybrid Love Doll Jamie In Stock

<<<<<Sex Toys Gift For Free>>>>>

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<<<<<Sex Toy 3 Fun Holes>>>>>

  • 3 in 1 real dolls for mens sex with realistic vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex and breast fun, satisfy you lots of desire about sex.
  • Tight and flexible pussy and anus satisfy you with full insert, and strong stimulation!
  • These holes are long enough for your full inserts, and enjoy the fully strong stimulation.Japanese sex dolls,adult toys,sex toys,erotic toy,porntoy,oral sex,vaginal sex,anal sex,mammary sex

<<<<<Sex Doll User Guide>>>>>

How can get a better experience during use?

  • Use heating rods to heat the tunnel of  sex doll to make it warm like a real temperature, but keep temperature under 38°c/100°f. Do not heat for too long, prevent overheating to melt.
  • Use water-based lubricant or condom for more smoother experience when using the sex doll.
  • Sex doll for men built with EVO skeleton, you can adjust the body freely,and try any positions, satisfy your postural challenges.

How to avoid tearing?

  • Don’t often open the legs too rudely, or over angled.
  • When you don’t use the sex doll for men, please keep her lying flat with legs together to avoid damage on the joint skin.

How to clean?

  • You will see some talcum powder on the male sex doll, it is not dirt or quality problem! Instead, the talcum powder is for keeping the lifelike male sex doll dry and more durable.
  • Wash this men toys adult pleasure before and after using. Use fresh water under temperature 40°c/104°f and some soap, wipe with soft and light color cloth, then let it air-dry. Don’t use the clothes which is dark color, or easily faded, to avoid staining the sex toy men.

<<<<<Order Process & Timeline>>>>>

When you shop for a sex doll at PleasureZoom.com, feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and we will do our best to answer them. We strictly monitor the procurement and shipping process to ensure that you will receive a genuine doll in new and perfect condition.

<<<<<Commitment to Excellence>>>>>

PleasureZoom.com is an officially authorized dealer for the listed sex doll brands. We have full confidence in the quality of our sex dolls and their authenticity, as well as our strict and regulated procurement processes. We are committed to providing 100% satisfaction with our services, ensuring a seamless and worry-free shopping experience. No replicas or counterfeits here.

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